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Le Pen Sets

Posted by Administrator on 12/16/2011 to Artstuff News

For a limited time only, we are making your Marvy Uchida Le Pen Sets with a blue transparent pencil case.
There are two reasons for this, first we had an unexpected demand for the holiday season and we ran out of the clear ones. Second, a worker here (Lisa) saw the blue ones and said they were "too cute".  Who knows, they may even replace the clear ones one day or even start a whole new series of color options. But for now, blue is the way to go, at least until the clear ones come in.
Of course the important thing are the pens that come inside.
I've got to say that Le Pen fans are true. They love their pens.
Out of the thousands of products that can be found on our website, Marvy Uchida Le Pens are one of our best sellers. To that, we thank you.
Thank you to those buying sets as gifts, to those of you who ordered recently and patiently waited to give to yourself and those who throughout the year fight the war of e-mails, texts, twitters and blogs like this one and actually pick up a pen and paper and write some words down to communicate to another person. We salute you.
By the way, we sell paper too!