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Post-It Notes, More than just for writing down notes.

Posted by Team on 9/1/2015 to Artstuff News
Everyone knows Post-It Notes are great for office and school use. They are the perfect handy little visual reminder. 
Whether you are leaving someone a message, making a list or just taking notes, you already know how useful these little squares and rectangles can be.
But did you know there's a fun side to these little guys as well?
Well for instance, they are great at covering walls and windows. 
They make the mundane, un-mundane (if there's such a word).
Spread joy with positive messages, create an artistic wall to gaze upon. The possibilities are endless.
Here's a collage of some Post-It Notes artwork we just happened to come across on the internet.
And as it were, we just happen to have a set on sale to get you started. 
(click on the picture below)
Get creative and spread positive vibes!