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Prismacolor Art Gum Erasers
Prismacolor Art Gum Erasers

Prismacolor Art Gum Erasers

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Size & Qty
SA73028E- Single 1x1x1 Eraser
SA73028- Box of 24 1x1x1 Erasers
SA73030E- Single 2x1x1 Eraser
SA73030- Dozen 2x1x1 Erasers

Sanford® Prismacolor® Art Gum Eraser

A dry cleaner with no grease or grit. For erasing pencil marks and cleaning pictures, paper and tracings. The fine dry powder cleans the drawing surface by absorbing the graphite and dirt. Rub briskly over a drawing surface to erase with no damage.

Item Number
Art Gum Eraser 1x1x1
Art Gum Eraser 1x1x1 box of 24
Art Gum Eraser 2x1x1
Art Gum Eraser 2x1x1 Dozen

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