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Rotatrim Professional M Series Rotary Trimmers
Rotatrim Professional M Series Rotary Trimmers

Rotatrim Professional M Series Rotary Trimmers

Your Price: $348.75
Retail Price:$465.00
Your Savings:$116.25(25%)
Part Number:M12T

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M12T- 12 Inch Cut Length
M15T- 15 Inch Cut Length
M18T- 18 Inch Cut Length
M20T- 20 Inch Cut Length
M24T- 24 Inch Cut Length
M30T- 30 Inch Cut Length
M36T- 36 Inch Cut Length
M42T- 42 Inch Cut Length
M54T- 54 Inch Cut Length

Rotatrim® Professional M Series Rotary Trimmers

Engineered for performance, trouble-free maintenance, and long-lasting service. Ideal for art studios, drafting rooms, darkrooms, and workshops.

25% Off List Price!

Features include:

  • Self sharpening tungsten steel cutting wheel and flat counter blade
  • Cast metal cutting head and end supports and twin ¾" diameter chromed steel guide bars completely resistant to cutting head swivel
  • Gray, wipe-clean Melamine® baseboard, 7/8" thick x 12" wide
  • Printed grid, inch and metric, with ¼" grid lines
  • Transparent clamp strip allows accurate placement and holds material firmly
  • Aluminum side rule calibrated in inch and metric with adjustable cursor for repeat cuts
  • Cuts in both directions, an overload plate on model M24T through M54T can be removed for bi-directional cutting of thin materials
  • These medium duty trimmers cut from .06" (1.5mm) up to .1" (3mm)
Item Number
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12" Cut Length 18½"Lx15"W
15" Cut Length 21½"Lx15"W$550.00
18" Cut Length 24½"Lx15"W$590.00
20" Cut Length 26½"Lx15"W$640.00
24" Cut Length 30½"Lx15"W$695.00
30" Cut Length 36½"Lx15"W$865.00
36" Cut Length 42½"Lx15"W$995.00
42" Cut Length 48½"Lx15"W$1175.00
54" Cut Length 60½"Lx15"W$1295.00

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