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AOS VFile/VFolder Vertical Flat Storage
AOS VFile/VFolder Flat File Storage System.

AOS VFile/VFolder Vertical Flat Storage

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VFile19 with 10 VFolder19
VFile25 with 10 VFolder25
VFile37 with 8 VFolder37
VFile43 with 8 VFolder43
VFolder19 - 10Pk
VFolder25 - 10Pk
VFolder37 - 8Pk
VFolder43 - 8Pk

Advanced Organizing Systems VFile/VFolder Vertical Flat Storage System

An economical vertical flat file storage system that stores documents from 11"x17" to 30"42". The ideal cost effective solution to large document flat storage with the convenience of a vertical file.

The VFile/VFolder:
  • Perfect for filing, protecting and storing documents, prints, graphics, art, film and other items that need to remain flat.
  • Easy and economical to use.
  • Ideal for active files or permanent storage.
  • Labeling on top, front and side for easy identification.
  • Interior partitions and rigid file folders(VFolders) assure documents stay flat and vertical.
  • Sturdy, attractive white corrugated cardboard with deep gray lettering.
  • Reinforced bottom to prevent breakthrough.
  • Efficient vertical storage makes retrieval and reorganization of documents easy.
  • Documents stored for less cost and in less space than conventional storage methods.
  •  Ships flat; assembly required.
The VFolder:
  • Light weight rigid white corrugated file folder provides needed support for vertical flat storage.
  • Made for use with the VFile but can be used separately.
  • Tab on folder for convenient labeling.
  • Ships flat.
  • VFolder19's come 10 per package, VFolder25's come 10 per package, VFolder37's come 8 per package and VFolder43's come 8 per package.

VFile19/VFolder19 Specifications:
  • Overall size: 14"W x 12"D x 20"H
  • Stores various media up to 12"x18" - ideal for 11"x17" and 12"x18"
  • 10 VFolder19's are included.
  • Additional VFolder19's sold separately. 10/pk for $32.48
  • VFile19 holds 30 VFolder19's with up to 750 sheets.
  • $46.51
VFile25/VFolder25 Specifications:
  • Overall size: 28"W x 12"D x 20"H
  • Stores various media up to 18"x24"
  • Ideal for 17"x22" and 18"x24" and/or 11"x17" and 12"x18"
  • 10 VFolder25's are included.
  • Additional VFolder25's sold separately 10/pk for $44.10
  • VFile25  holds 30 VFolder25's with up to 750 sheets.
  • $68.60
VFile37/VFolder37 Specifications:
  • Overall size: 42"W x 12"D x 29"H
  • Stores various media up to 24"x36"
  • Ideal for 22"x34" and 24"x 36"
  • 8 VFolder37's are included.
  • Additional VFolder37's sold separately 8/pk for $57.31
  • VFile37 holds 24 VFolder37's with up to 840 Sheets.
  • $98.02
VFile43/VFolder43 Specifications:
  • Overall size: 47"W x 12"D x 42"H
  • Stores various media up to 30"x42"
  • Ideal for 30"x42"
  • 8 VFolder43's are included
  • Additonal VFolder43's sold separately 8/pk for $71.57
  • VFile43 holds 24 VFolder43's with up to 840 sheets.
  • $131.70

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