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Alumicutter Straightedges

Part Number 13121
Alumicutter Straightedges
Alumicutter Black & Silver Straightedge
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Color & Size
12 Inch Silver Alumicutter
18 Inch Silver Alumicutter
24 Inch Silver Alumicutter
30 Inch Silver Alumicutter
36 inch Silver Alumicutter
12 Inch Black Alumicutter
18 Inch Black Alumicutter
24 Inch Black Alumicutter
30 Inch Black Alumicutter
36 inch Black Alumicutter

AlumiCutter Straightedges

Use the AlumiCutter with a razor knife or rotary blade safely! You can measure and then use the Alumicutter as a cutting edge without changing tools. AlumiCutter's raised edge and finger groove protect your fingers while cutting. The special recessed non-slip backing keeps the AlumiCutter positioned with just a light touch. Extruded anodized, aluminum is an ideal cutting edge because it is an ultra smooth hard surface that will not nick or catch. Available in black & silver.
 Select models may contain an added steel edge.
Price updated 10/10/2021

 Item NumberDescriptionRetail PriceYour Price
 13121  12 Inch Silver Alumicutter $12.95 $9.75
 1313118 Inch Silver Alumicutter$13.95 $10.50
 1314124 Inch Silver Alumicutter$15.75 $11.85
 1315130 Inch Silver Alumicutter$17.95 $13.50
 13161 36 Inch Silver Alumicutter$20.25 $15.20
 1342912 Inch Black Alumicutter$15.75 $11.85
 1343918 Inch Black Alumicutter$18.50 $13.95
 1344924 Inch Black Alumicutter$20.95 $15.75
 1345930 Inch Black Alumicutter$23.95 $17.95
 1346936 Inch Black Alumicutter$26.25$20.50
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