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Alvin Field Sketch Book NP430
Alvin Field Sketch Book NP430

Alvin Field Sketch Book NP430

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Alvin Field Sketch Books

Designed to meet the needs of the on-the-job professional. Field book covers are extra stiff, and a high visibility yellow color, completely protected by a waterproof barrier with blind embossing. Pages are white ledger paper specially formulated for maximum archival service, ease of erasure, and protected by a water-resistant surface sizing.

Field Book: Stiff yellow cover, 4-5/8"x7¼" page size, 32 sheets (64 pages) saddle stitched, plus 15 pages of curve tables and practical information. Left page has blue horizontal lines, red vertical lines, six vertical columns. Right page has 8x4 blue lines, red vertical center line.

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