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Alvin Sketching and Tracing Paper Rolls
Alvin Sketch Paper Rolls

Alvin Sketching and Tracing Paper Rolls

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Part Number:55W-A

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Color and Size
White 12inx20yds
White 18inx20yds
White 6inx50yd
White 12inx50yds
White 14inx50yds
White 18inx50yds
White 24inx50yds
White 36inx50yds
Canary 6inx50yds
Canary 12inx50yds
Canary 14inx50yds
Canary 18inx50yds
Canary 24inx50yds
Canary 36inx50yds

Alvin Sketching & Tracing Paper 

For preliminary drawings in pencil or pen-and-ink. Excellent for felt markers. 
Lightweight 7-lb. yellow and 8-lb. white paper, suitable for repro on copiers.  20 or 50 yards per roll with a 1" core. 

Item Number
Retail Price
Sale Price
55W-A White 12"x20yds
55W-C White 18"x20yds
$10.35 $7.25
55W-M White 6"x50yds
$11.45 $7.95
55W-G White 12"x50yds $14.30 $9.95
55W-H White 14"x50yds
55W-I White 18"x50yds
55W-J White 24"x50yds
55Y-M Canary 6"x50yds $11.45 $7.95
55Y-G Canary 12"x50yds
55Y-H Canary 14"x50yds
55Y-I Canary 18"x50yds
55Y-J Canary 24"x50yds

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