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Alvin Drafting Brushes
Alvin Drafting Brushes

Alvin Drafting Brushes

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Part Number:2340

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2340- Mini Drafting Brush
2341- Traditional Drafting Brush
2342- Comfort Curve Drafting Brush

Alvin Drafting Brushes

  • #2340 Mini Drafting Brush: The same quality and construction features as #2342, but in a convenient 10" size for the drafting room or for portable drafting units.
  • #2341 Traditional Drafting Brush: Constructed of soft, sterilized 100% horsehair, wax-set in a tough durable plastic handle. 14½" Long. A traditional design preferred by professionals.
  • #2342 Comfort Curve Drafting Brush: Comfort-fitting curved handle. 15½" Long brush that holds sterilized mixed horsehair in a single row of tufts to provide a stiff brushing action.
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10" Mini Drafting Brush

14½" Traditional Drafting Brush

15½" Comfort Curve Drafting Brush


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