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Bausch & Lomb Full Page Magnifier
Bausch & Lomb Full-Page Magnifier

Bausch & Lomb Full Page Magnifier

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The Magna-Page® Full-Page Magnifier

from Bausch & Lomb is a specially designed Fresnel lens that lets you read an entire page of print with considerable ease. Fresnel lens technology permits a large-size lens to be much thinner, without the weight and volume that a similarly-sized conventional lens would require. The Magna-Page® full-page lens is molded (rather than hot stamped) of optical grade acrylic to provide optimum image quality. It provides instant magnification of an entire page, so you don't have to constantly reposition the magnifier as you read. Lens Magnification: 2X; Magnifier Type: Full Page; Bifocal Magnification: N/A; Lens Material: Acrylic.

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