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Conte Sketching Crayons
Conte Sketching Crayons

Conte Sketching Crayons

Your Price: $2.88
Retail Price:$4.12
Your Savings:$1.24(30%)
Part Number:HUN2350

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HUN2350 - Sanguine Natural
HUN2351 - Sanguine XVIII Century
HUN2352 - Sanguine Watteau
HUN2353 - Sanguine Medics
HUN2354 - Bistre
HUN2355 - White 2B
HUN2356 - White B
HUN2357 - White HB
HUN2358 - Grey
HUN2359 - Black 2B
HUN2360 - Black B
HUN2361 - Black HB
HUN50095 - Matchbox of 4

Conte Sketching Crayons

The Conté Sketching crayons include various highly reputed Sanguine colors, Grey and Bistre, grades of white and black complete the range. These crayons are very soft to apply and manufactured using natural pigments (iron oxides, carbon black, titanium dioxide), clay (kaolin) and a binder (cellulose ether). You can use the "flat edge" of the crayon by varying the pressure or hold it slightly slanted on its 8 angles to increase the effects. The Conté's Crayon is perfectly mixable with the whole range of Conté a Paris.

Item NumberDescriptionList PriceYour Price
HUN2350Sanguine Natural$4.12$2.88
HUN2351Sanguine XVIII Century$4.12$2.88
HUN2352Sanguine Watteau$4.12$2.88
HUN2353Sanguine Medics$4.12$2.88
HUN2355White 2B$4.12$2.88
HUN2356White B$4.12$2.88
HUN2357White HB$4.12$2.88
HUN2359Black 2B$4.12$2.88
HUN2360Black B$4.12$2.88
HUN2361Black HB$4.12$2.88
HUN50095Matchbox of 4 (Black B, White 2B, Sanguine and Bistre)$4.02$2.81

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