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Heat Activated Foam Board

Elmer's Single Step Heat Activated Foam Board. Single Step is a sheet of 3/16" thick sturdy board which has been pre-coated on one side with a heat-activated adhesive. The heat and pressure of a dry mounting press activate the adhesive coating forming a smooth, permanent bond. No dry mounting tissue is needed so Single Step is ideally suited for mounting a broad range of materials. The adhesive is formulated to work well with posters, smooth paper artwork, photographs, newspapers and a variety of fabrics. Not recommended for resin-coated (RC) photographs.

Elmer's Single Step Plus Heat Activated Foam Board. High speed performance makes Single Step Plus a winner! This new, all-in-one process is developed with a lower temperature for safer, speedier bonding. Each board is pre-coated on one side with an adhesive that acts as a mounting tissue. When heat is applied, image is permanently bonded to the board's surface.