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Grumbacher Academy Artists' Watercolor Tubes

Part Number GRA001
Grumbacher Academy Artists' Watercolor Tubes
Grumbacher Academy Artists Watercolor
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Alizarin Crimson
Alizarin Orange
Burnt Sienna
Burnt Umber
Cadmium Orange Hue
Cadmium Red Deep Hue
Cadmium Red Light Hue
Cadmium Red Medium Hue
Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue
Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue
Cadmium Yellow Pale Hue
Carmine Hue
Cerulean Blue Hue
Charcoal Gray
Chinese White
Chromium Oxide Green
Cobalt Blue Hue
Davy's Gray
Emerald Green
Gamboge Hue
Geranium Lake
Golden Yellow
Green Earth
Grumbacher Red (Napthol)
Hooker's Green Deep Hue
Hooker's Green Light Hue
Indian Red Hue
Indian Yellow Hue
Indigo Hue
Ivory Black
Lamp Black
Lemon Yellow
Light Red Hue
Magnesium Green
Naples Yellow Hue
Olive Green Hue
Payne's Gray
Permanent Green Light
Perylene Maroon
Prussian Blue
Raw Sienna
Raw Umber Hue
Rose Madder Hue
Sap Green
Scarlet Lake
Sepia Hue
Thalo Blue
Thalo Crimson
Thalo Green (Blue Shade)
Thalo Red
Thalo Yellow Green
Thioindigo Violet
Ultramarine Blue
Van Dyck Brown Hue
Vermillion Hue
Violet (Phthalo Purple)
Yellow Ochre Hue

Grumbacher® Academy Artists Watercolor Tubes

A collegiate line of 60 (.25 oz) watercolor paints at an affordable price. Only finely ground pigments are used in making this smooth, rich paint. Either straight from the tube or when mixed with white, strokes and washes are vibrant and luminescent. Made in the USA.

(Colors samples are a loose reference only)

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