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Heavy Duty Cutters & Blades

Heavy Duty- Olfa Heavy-Duty utility knives and blades are designed for a wide variety of industrial and construction applications, do-it-yourself projects and hobby and crafting jobs. Engineered for cutting thick materials, the Heavy-Duty cutters easily slice through plywood, carpet, styrofoam, drywall, cardboard, Kevlar®, gasket materials and more.

The cutters are engineered for Olfa snap-off blades which are manufactured of high-quality carbon tool steel and produced using the Olfa precise multi-step production process for unparalleled  sharpness and superior edge retention.

The handles are equipped with heavy-gauge stainless steel blade channels which firmly secure blades for maximum strength and durability and easy tool-free blade replacement. The cutters accommodate Olfa UltraMax LBB blades, LB blades and solid blades.

The Heavy-Duty cutters feature several types of blade locks, including positive lock, automatic blade lock, ratchet wheel lock and one-touch slide lock. The handles are available in a range of job-specific configurations, among them soft elastomer, rubber grip inserts and polycarbonate plastics.