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Lyons Dry Cleaning Pads
Lyons Dry Cleaning Pads

Lyons Dry Cleaning Pads

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CL10 Small Dry Cleaning Pad
CL30 Large Dry Cleaning Pad

Lyons Dry Cleaning Pads

Cleans as it erases artwork, drawings, layouts, etc.

Lyons Dry Cleaning Pads contain a super soft grit-free powder that will absorb dirt and dust. Squeeze and twist the pad, allowing the powder to sift through the meshes and adhere to the cloth. Then rub the soiled part in any direction, as hard as needed to clean. Even though the pad appears soiled, this will not transfer. Never needs washing. Keeps your drawing neat and clean.

Great for use on tracing, drawing papers, cloth, bristol, etc.

  • CL10: Small Dry Cleaning Pad (approx. 2"x3") = $2.20
  • CL30: Large Dry Cleaning Pad (approx. 2"x4½") = $3.80

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