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Origami Instruction Books
The Origami Book (71OB2)

Origami Instruction Books

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71OB2- The Origami Book
71OB3- Activity Instruction Book

#71OB2- Origami Instruction Books

The Origami Book - Step-by-step instructions make it easy to learn to fold 22 Origami figures: this big 12 page book includes an assortment of origami paper. $7.25 Each

#71OB3- Origami Activity Instruction Book

12 pages of step-by-step (illustrated) easy to follow instructions. Origami figures include: Mushroom, Organ, Boat, Balloon, Box, Dove, Pig, Whale, Jumping Frog, Crab, Rooster and Morning Glory (flower). $3.99 Each

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