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Prismacolor Premier 156 Color Art Marker Set
Prismacolor Premier 156 Color Art Marker Set

Prismacolor Premier 156 Color Art Marker Set

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Prismacolor® Premier 156 Color Art Marker Set

Recognized by the industry for their high standard of quality, these art markers offer an exciting array of vibrant colors. Certified as non-toxic by the Arts and Crafts Materials Institute, they carry the AP non-toxic seal. Choose from an incredible spectrum of non-fading ink colors featuring double-ended markers with both a broad nib and a fine nib and a single ink reservoir for perfect color match, end to end. 
Set includes: Process Red,Blush Pink,Warm Gray 20%,30%,40%, 50%,60%,70%,80%,90%,Cool Gray 10%,20%,30%,40%,50%,60%,70%,80%,90%,Deco Peach,Broad Metallic Silver,Fine Metallic Silver,Broad Metallic Gold, Light Peach,Fine Metallic Gold,Colorless Blender,Salmon Pink,Spanish Orange,Limepeel,Peacock Blue,Cerulean Blue, Imperial Violet,Parma Violet,Poppy Red,Deco Orange,Deco Yellow,Jasmine,Deco Pink,Deco Blue,Clay Rose,Pale Vermilion,Celadon Green,Jade Green,Brittany Blue,Mediterranean Blue,Cloud Blue,Blue Slate,Periwinkle, Grayed Lavender,Bronze,Yellow Orange,Mahogany Red,Raspberry,Henna,Pumpkin Orange,Mineral Orange,French Gray 10%,20%,30%,40%,50%,60%,70%,80%,90%,Orange,Grass Green,True Green,Apple Green,Dark Purple,Tuscan Red,Sunburst Yellow,Peach,Lilac,Light Umber,Yellow Ochre, Forest Green,Spruce Green,Emerald,Leaf Green,Canary Yellow, Tulip Yellow,Cream,Spring Green,Light Olive Green,Chartreuse,Dark Olive Green,Dark Green,Parrot Green,Lime Green,Aquamarine,Teal Blue,True Blue,Crimson Red,Copenhagen Blue,Violet Blue,Indigo Blue,Ultramarine Blue,Navy Blue,Light Aqua,Light Blue,Light Cerulean Blue,Scarlet Lake,Violet,Mulberry,Rhodamine,Carmine Red, Violet Mist,Dark Umber,Sepia,Sienna Brown,Goldenrod,Magenta,Sand,Buff,Eggshell,Flagstone Red,Brick Beige,Brick White,Pink,Putty,Terra Cotta,Cherry,Dark Brown,Light Walnut,Walnut,Burnt Ochre,Light Tan,Blondwood,Warm Black,Black,Warm Gray 10%,Pale Jade,Avocado,Mint Cream,Cold Stone,Spearmint,Wheat,Green Tea,Muted Turquoise,Mocha Light,Mocha Dark,Cinnamon Toast,Sky Blue Light,Driftwood,Taupe,Parchment,Ash Gray,Pale Peach,Ballet Pink,Khaki,Cocoa Bean,Eggplant,Jet Black,Oatmeal,Pewter. 
(Colors subject to change)

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