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Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils

Part Number SA03332
Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils
Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils
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Colors & Sets
PC901- Indigo Blue
PC902- Ultramarine Blue
PC903- True Blue
PC904- Cerulean Blue
PC905- Aquamarine
PC906- Copenhagen Blue
PC907- Peacock Green
PC908- Dark Green
PC909- Grass Green
PC910- True Green
PC911- Olive Green
PC912- Apple Green
PC913- Spring Green
PC914- Cream
PC915- Lemon Yellow
PC916- Canary Yellow
PC917- Sunburst Yellow
PC918- Orange
PC919- Non-Photo Blue
PC920- Light Green
PC921- Pale Vermilion
PC922- Poppy Red
PC923- Scarlet Lake
PC924- Crimson Red
PC925- Crimson Lake
PC926- Carmine Red
PC927- Light Peach
PC928- Blush Pink
PC929- Pink
PC930- Magenta
PC931- Dark Purple
PC932- Violet
PC933- Violet Blue
PC934- Lavendar
PC935- Black
PC936- Slate Grey
PC937- Tuscan Red
PC938- White
PC939- Peach
PC941- Light Umber
PC942- Yellow Ochre
PC943- Burnt Ochre
PC944- Terra Cotta
PC945- Sienna Brown
PC946- Dark Brown
PC947- Dark Umber
PC948- Sepia
PC949- Metallic Silver
PC950- Metallic Gold
PC956- Lilac
PC988- Marine Green
PC989- Chartreuse
PC992- Light Aqua
PC993- Hot Pink
PC994- Process Red
PC995- Mulberry
PC996- Black Grape
PC997- Beige
PC1001- Salmon
PC1002- Yellow Orange
PC1003- Spanish Orange
PC1004- Yellow Chartreuse
PC1005- Limepeel
PC1006- Parrot Green
PC1007- Imperial Violet
PC1008- Parma Violet
PC1009- Dahlia Purple
PC1012- Jasmine
PC1017- Clay Rose
PC1018- Pink Rose
PC1019- Rosy Beige
PC1020- Celadon Green
PC1021- Jade Green
PC1022- Mediterranean Blue
PC1023- Cloud Blue
PC1024- Blue Slate
PC1025- Periwinkle
PC1026- Greyed Lavender
PC1027- Peacock Blue
PC1028- Bronze
PC1029-Mahogany Red
PC1030- Raspberry
PC1031- Henna
PC1032- Pumpkin Orange
PC1033- Mineral Orange
PC1034- Goldenrod
PC1040- Electric Blue
PC1050- Warm Grey 10%
PC1051- Warm Grey 20%
PC1052- Warm Grey 30%
PC1054- Warm Grey 50%
PC1056- Warm Grey 70%
PC1058- Warm Grey 90%
PC1059- Cool Grey 10%
PC1060- Cool Grey 20%
PC1061- Cool Grey 30%
PC1063- Cool Grey 50%
PC1065- Cool Grey 70%
PC1067- Cool Grey 90%
PC1068- French Grey 10%
PC1069- French Grey 20%
PC1070- French Grey 30%
PC1072- French Grey 50%
PC1074- French Grey 70%
PC1076- French Grey 90%
PC1077- Colorless Blender
PC1078- Black Cherry
PC1079- Violet Lake
PC1080- Beige Sienna
PC1081- Chestnut
PC1082- Chocolate
PC1083- Putty Beige
PC1084- Ginger Root
PC1085- Peach Beige
PC1086- Sky Blue Light
PC1087- Powder Blue
PC1089- Pale Sage
PC1090- Kelp Green
PC1091- Green Ochre
PC1092- Nectar
PC1093- Seashell Pink
PC1094- Sandbar Brown
PC1095- Black Raspberry
PC1096- Kelly Green
PC1097- Moss Green
PC1098- Artichoke
PC1099- Espresso
PC1100- China Blue
PC1101- Denim Blue
PC1102- Blue Lake
PC1103- Caribbean Sea
12 Color Set
12 Color Set
24 Color Set
36 Color Set
72 Color Set
150 Color Set

Sanford Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils

The traditional choice of commercial and fine artists throughout the world. Thick, soft leads made with permanent pigments are smooth, slow wearing, blendable, water-resistant, and extremely light-fast. Sets are packed in tins for easy storage and transportation.

Individual pencils are $1.45 each.

Item Number
Retail Price
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12 Color Set
12 Color Set
24 Color Set
36 Color Set
72 Color Set
150 Color Set

Color Samples available for sets 12 through 36. Just click on item number!

Color samples are for loose reference only.


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