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Yasutomo Metallic Origami Paper
Silver Origami Paper

Yasutomo Metallic Origami Paper

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Metallic Gold
Metallic Silver
Silver Glitter
Hologram Origami

Gold and Silver Origami Paper

Simple instructions included. 25 sheets each - 5-7/8" square. Non-toxic colors.  English and French packaging/instructions.
Gold -$3.40 Each
Silver -$3.00 Each

Silver Glitter Origami

14 exciting projects (instructions included). 5 sheets of assorted hologram patterns. 5-7/8" square, ages 6 and up.  English and French packaging/instructions.

$5.95 Each

Hologram Origami Paper

This package of origami comes with a Hologram Assortment of 5 sheets of 5-7/8" square paper. There are 5 colors: 1 each of red, gold, green, blue and purple. 14 Exciting projects (instructions included).

$4.87 Each

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